Friday 13 July 2012

A break into photography...

Since I'm nearly due, I am stopping photography until I return back home in Canada.

Thank you so much for making me be part of your day while catching every memory on camera.

Thank you for your support. For those I've did your photos, it been great and great time.

Bye bye  for now!

Saturday 19 May 2012

Sarah's & Michael's wedding

Sarah and Michael's wedding roll on a beautiful bright day and breezy.

I manage to take a lot of shoots on great moments and I think I made the couple quite happy with the picture I've taken that day,

Thursday 17 May 2012

Carol and Joe's wedding part deux

Here are the extra photo of the family for the Family. I apologize in advance for some of the lighting due to the low light in the room. If you are interested into having prints or request a picture, please e-mail me.

Tuesday 15 May 2012

Carol and Joe's wedding

A Few weeks ago, I took picture of this lovely wedding down in Bishop auckland, England.
I took over 300 picture but a lot of was worth it!
I will add some of  the picture. If you are part of Carol's family and would like a picture that isn't on here, please let me know by facebook or e-mail and I will give you the picture as soon as possible. I believe to have a limit to size of pictures on this blog.

Friday 11 May 2012

Andrea's photoshoot

I met Andrea this week. With only 6 weeks left of her pregnancy, I decided to do a little photoshoot of her and her belly. Then she will ask me to come back for when she's born and do a special photoshoot for her daughter.

If you know anyone who is expecting or already have a newborn, please contact me. I would love t have more practice. Thank you!

Saturday 28 April 2012

The season of wedding 2012 is now on!!

 Another wonderful year for every couple out there getting married. This year I am busy with a few weddings to do and I started with Carol and Joe's wedding that was held in Bishop Auckland on the 28th of April.
Perfect great time for  flowers in bloom and the trees aswell and everything bright green. The day started with dark clouds but the sun show up and shined!

I uploaded all the picture and will be looking one after one, for now, here is a sneak peak! picture will be up in about 2-4 weeks!

See you soon!

Sunday 9 October 2011

Alissa and Laurie

It's been almost a year since I've took picture of Alissa and Laurie, I was pleased to be able to take picture of 2 adorable kids who are growing quickly! We Been outside the house after we saw the weather was clearing up a bit more. oh! and I remember cooking for Vicky. What can I say I can multi-task! haha!

Here's some sample. (The more I practice, the better I will be at taking photos)