Friday, 1 July 2011

Happy Canada day and photos..

Hello folks!
Hope everything is fine in Canada.  I'm hoping to get back on my land next year after spending 2 years in England. It's time to come home.

I went to take photos of my neighbour Jade for her prom. She was very lovely, everyone else.

People came in firetruck, "lorries" (transport truck) limos. Last year, people came in helicopter, now that was impressive. There was a girl who came in in a horse carriage, wearing a gothic outfit with boots with laces, she really did stand out from everyone else.

I was impress with the colours and the guyz wearing suits and looked really handsome. Makes me want to go back to a prom again.

I will post picture of the wedding I took a week ago when I'll have the permission of the bride to post them/ after she recieves all her picture.

So far she is happy with the result and thanks to her, a few more people want me to take their pictures.

What can I say, Practice makes perfect.. and I still need a long way.

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